The Spelling Book Training with Jane Considine

Do you want to improve the teaching of spelling in your school? Do you see poor application of spellings learnt for a test transferred to independent writing? Do you want to teach spelling, not just test it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a license to Jane Considine's 'The Spelling Book' training could be the answer you've been looking for. 


Find out how to remodel your whole school approach to spelling with Jane Considine’s The Spelling Book training. This online course coincides with Jane Considine's brand new series of books, The Spelling Books, which can be purchased here

Explore how to timetable and teach spelling, and how to incorporate progress-checks through this informative and engaging training experience.

With 170,000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary, where do we even start?

In 2017, only 13% of year 6 pupils could spell ‘coarse’ in their SATs. Of course there is an effective way to build a spelling curriculum that focuses on the teaching of spelling, ensuring a drive on the ‘Big Mission’ for all pupils.

That ‘Big Mission’ is what Jane Considine describes as spelling ’stickability’, automation and application into the pupils’ independent writing. An essential trait of literate people is being able to spell effectively and spelling is valued in society above all other writing conventions (Turnbill, 2000).

Key aspects of The Spelling Books system include:

🌟 A whole year system that provides teachers with clear and effective lessons.

🌟 The Spelling Rainbow - a fully comprehensive approach that targets reading patterns of spelling, the pressures of spelling and the remembering of spelling.

🌟 Extensive advice for teachers on the delivery and implementation of effective spelling experiences.

🌟 A system that is based on strong phonics teaching with a focus on teaching pupils the connections between words, sound associations, etymology and patterns.

This online course gives teachers a thorough grounding on how to deliver all aspects found in Jane Considine’s The Spelling Book, which can be purchased here

Teachers will be guided through the rationale and approaches to ensure that they have a deep understanding of the processes they can follow to become more effective teachers of spelling.

Key benefits of The Spelling Book Training include:

🌟 Support for teachers so they know how to organise the teaching across the whole academic year.

🌟 Pupils will extend their knowledge of phonics throughout their time in primary school.

🌟 Pupils will improve their outcomes as they develop a culture of becoming ‘pattern finders’ and ‘spelling detectives’ instead of being demotivated by the repetitive failure of the weekly ’spelling test’.

🌟 Pupils will acquire a range of best bet strategies to apply during real-life composition of writing.

The Spelling Book Training is an online course broken down into 4 modules that can be completed at your own pace.

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the course content. 

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“Jane does it again, this time creating an efficient system to scaffold the explicit teaching of spelling. The week by week sessions offer a mixture of NC expectations and the words drawn from the children’s own work. This makes it meaningful and impactful. Bravo, there is not a spelling test in sight!”
Louise Clark, School Improvement Leader The Tilian Partnership


What makes ‘The Spelling Book’ different from other spelling schemes?

The Spelling Book is not a scheme, it’s more of a way of teaching spelling that relies on teachers to bring the ‘wonder of words’ to life. The Spelling Books provide structure and support to teachers whilst allowing enough room for creativity, ensuring that all National Curriculum fundamentals are covered. The Spelling Book system exceeds all expectations around making the teaching of spelling effective, and ‘stick-able', for children.

All of the concepts, activities and tasks within the books have been designed to increase ‘stickability’ and retention of vocabulary. The system is built on strong phonic foundations and includes a range of deep exploratory investigations, alongside short-burst ‘chunked’ revision activities.

The Spelling Book is the answer to the time-poor teachers’ planning nightmares. The year view of detailed provision from Year 2 to Year 6 ensures pupils have a good understanding of the wealth of content within the books and they are able to self assess and monitor their own strengths and weaknesses in spelling. Through using the quality materials and comprehensive guidance within The Spelling Book, children will develop expertise and fluency. The books are adaptable, engaging and thorough, serving as a way to ‘up the ante’ in primary spelling provision.

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"Together, we can make great things happen."

Jane Considine