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Free up your spare time AND see an improvement in your pupils' writing outcomes with these highly detailed medium term plans. 

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Key benefits of Jane Considine's Writing Unit Plans: 

These plans allow teachers to free up hours and hours of planning time. Written by real teachers for teachers (we do not use AI), the Writing Unit Plans will ensure that you raise the standard of writing in your class.
  • Full access to over 200 medium term plans.
  • Each plan contains highly detailed lesson plans.
  • Easy to use and adapt to the needs of your pupils.
  • Explanation¬†videos to refer to when starting out.
  • Each unit contains independent write ideas.¬†
  • Printable PDF of each plan.¬†
  • Printable PDF of each plan.¬†

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Experience the immediate impact of using The Write Stuff

  • Start using the strategies instantly
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This system is guaranteed to raise the standard of writing in your class.

What's Included In The Writing Unit Plans...

 The Write Stuff Unit of Work

Based on Jane Considine's award winning system The Write Stuff, each unit plan contains;

  • highly detailed daily lesson plans
  • step by step guidance contained within each plan
  • modelled texts to use during each lesson
  • full coverage of the National Curriculum
  • the plans cover EYFS to Year 6, and you will find enough plans to cover your whole year of lessons

Each unit plan will give you a full understanding of exactly what to do and how to do it.


The Writing Unit Plans


Save hours and hours of your valuable time planning writing lessons? 

These plans have been written by Jane Considine alongside teacher colleagues. We do not use AI to write our plans. Instead, Jane will work with a group of teachers and together, they will write a unit plan. So, if you are a Year 2 teacher for example, you can be assured that the plans you are using have been written by real Year 2 teachers, alongside world renowned expert on the teaching of writing, Jane Considine

  • Fullay adaptable to meet the needs of your pupils
  • Enjoy highly specific models, or use them as a framework to build your own lessons
  • No more Sunday evenings spent designing writing lessons. These are guaranteed to see improvements in the outcomes of your class

For less than 50p per week, you have access to over 200 medium term plans. That's more than enough to cover your whole year of writing lessons.

This Resource Is For...


  • Primary school teachers and support staff
  • English subject leaders
  • Head teachers and senior management¬†
  • Homeschooling parents

Jane Considine

Jane Considine is a renowned educator and author, dedicated to enhancing the teaching of writing and reading in primary schools. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Jane has developed innovative approaches that engage young minds and foster a love for writing. She is best known for her highly acclaimed "Write Stuff" system, which has been embraced by teachers worldwide for its effectiveness in improving pupils’ writing skills.

Jane's workshops and training sessions are celebrated for their practical insights and inspirational guidance, empowering teachers and parents to support children’s literacy with confidence and creativity. In addition to her teaching resources, Jane has authored several educational books that serve as essential tools in classrooms and homeschool settings alike.

Her commitment to literacy education has made her a beloved figure among teachers and parents, who rely on her expertise to cultivate strong, independent writers. Jane's ongoing dedication to refining and sharing her teaching strategies ensures that every child can achieve success in literacy.

"How on Earth did I manage to teach writing effectively before I used The Write Stuff?"

- Rob Smith, founder of The Literacy Shed


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