Hooked on Books Online Training
Sharpen the teaching of reading across your whole school.

Do you want to foster a productive reading culture in your school? Do you wish the children in your classroom were engaged readers and not reluctant readers?

Find out how to get the pupils in your class ‘Hooked on Books’ with Jane Considine’s brand new online course. It’s the Book Talk system that has impacted hundreds of classrooms across the country formatted into an in-depth and easy to use online course. The online course is made up of 5 modules that can be completed at your own pace. Once you purchase the course you will have lifetime access, allowing you to refer back at any time.

Reading is crucial to children's development and potential for success in life. Research shows that children who read books often at age 10 and continue to read through adolescence, gain higher results in maths, vocabulary and spelling tests at age 16 than those who read less regularly.

Nothing is more important in education than ensuring that every child can read well. Pupils who can read are overwhelmingly more likely to succeed at school, achieve good qualifications, and subsequently enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career. Those who cannot will find themselves at constant disadvantage.


Jane's systems have improved the outcomes of thousands of pupils across the globe.


Key aspects of the Hooked On Books system include: 

  • Book Talk - a whole class comprehension and a targeted  group approach, ensuring all individuals are accountable 
  • The Reading Rainbow - a fully comprehensive approach that targets reading Competencies, covers the National Curriculum and develops understanding
  • Demonstration Reading - the art of modelling the internal thinking of a reader. This is to demonstrate how a reader thinks during the process of ‘reading for meaning’
  • Demonstration Comprehension - clear, out loud thinking by the teacher whilst modelling answers to questions and showcasing “thesaurus thinking” to ensure the most precise words are used

Key benefits of the Hooked On Books system include:

  • Support for teachers so they know how to organise 40 minutes per day, broken down into 10 minutes of pleasure principle reading and 30 minutes for the three modes of teaching
  1. Book Talk - verbal comprehension
  2. Demonstration Comprehension
  3. Independent comprehension
  • Pupils who know how to apply what they have learnt in demonstration comprehension to their independent work
  • Improved standards from many worked examples provided throughout the year, ranging from oral compression answers to written formal well structured pieces. 
  • Children will have a clear view of how to articulate and demonstrate their understanding. Pupils will have the critical language to express themselves and use appropriate book based language

You will learn all of this, plus much more, in Jane Considine's brand new 5 module online course. 

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  • Ideal for new learners or as a refresher course
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