Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Business form a legal and binding contract between Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) and the person, school, business or other organisation (hereafter referred to as ‘The Client’ or 'The Customer'). Receipt of any booking request will be confirmed by the issue of an invoice. Unconfirmed bookings (where an invoice has not been issued) are not guaranteed.

1. Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) consultants deliver Continuing Professional Development and training online, in the form of pre-recorded online courses. Jane Considine Education (Part of The Training Space Ltd Group) also provides lesson plans and other training resources on this website (www.janeconsidine.com) in the form of digital products. 

2. CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS POLICY – ONLINE TRAINING If The Client wishes to return/refund their online training course, Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) must be informed in writing before any course material has been used or learning has begun.
2.1 If any online courses have been started or any training materials have been used, we are unable to provide a refund and unable to accept a cancellation request of the product.
2.2. We are unable to provide refunds on any Unit Plan Product or subscription. 

Please note, as of 18/03/21 all unit plan products (individual and school license) will incur an annual subscription charge of either £24.99 for an individual license or £149.99 for a whole school license for the English Unit Plans (writing) and/or £29.99 for an individual license or £199 for a whole school license for the Reading Unit Plans. 
The payment will be deducted from the original method of payment on the same date every year. The date will be determined by the date you signed up and made your first payment. For example, if you signed up on the 1st April 2021, your next payment will be due on 1st April 2022. We do not accept refunds on digital products. By signing up to the Jane Considine English Unit Plan subscription, you agree to pay the cost of the subscription each year. To cancel your subscription please email [email protected] 
Please note, all unit plan subscriptions purchased before 18/03/21 will expire after 365 days of use. When paying by debit/credit card you will receive email reminders 7 days before your subscription is due to renew. When paying via PayPal, you will not receive email reminders and you will have to agree that you are setting up a recurring payment when making your purchase. 

4. PAYMENT TERMS The Client agrees to pay Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) in full for all invoiced products or services no later than twenty eight days of the invoice date. Payments are required by cheque or bank transfer, made payable The Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group). We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest and compensation under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 if we are not paid according to our agreed credit terms. Where payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice date, Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) reserves the right to apply interest charges at BoE Base Rate +8% and compensation arising from late payment under section 5A of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. VAT is not applied to any printed educational material. All other products or services are subject to VAT unless otherwise stated.
4.1 By selecting a payment plan option for any of our products, you are committing to paying the full cost of the product over 12 monthly payments. If for any reason the monthly payments are cancelled you will be liable to pay the outstanding balance immediately.                        4.2 When purchasing any product on Jane Considine Education whilst logged in, you understand that your card details are automatically saved and you, or anybody that you've given your login details to, will be able to make a purchase without being prompted for the CVV. You may delete your saved card details or email [email protected] requesting us to do this for you.

5. CHANGES TO TERMS Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.

6. LICENSES AND PRODUCT USE - By selecting an individual license for any of our products, you agree to be the only user of the course. You are not permitted to share the videos or downloads with anyone else.
If selecting a whole school license, you agree to not share the course or any course materials with any other schools included in your group, Trust, Partnership or MAT.

7. MATERIAL Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information contained in the Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) courses and courseware is accurate, the material is of a general nature and not intended to be a substitute for specialist advice. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the content of the training, either delivered online, live online on the day or associated material, will be suitable to your circumstances or adequate to meet your particular requirements. Accordingly, we will not be liable for any losses or damages that may arise from the use of learning points from the training day or associated material.
7.1 Some products offer 'lifetime access' to the course content when purchased. ‘Lifetime access’ to the course content and training refers to the lifetime of the business, not the customer.
Should the business cease trading, you will be given 60 days notice to download all course content, to ensure you have a copy of the course material you have paid for.

8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS All copyright and other intellectual property rights in any materials remain vested in Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) unless explicit consent is given. All presentation/reference materials and equipment provided are and shall remain the sole property and copyright of Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group). Where infringement of Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group) or its associates’ Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights is determined, full compensation will be pursued through legal channels for all assumed direct and indirect damages.

Privacy Policy 

How we collect, use, and share the personal information of our users.

1. By signing up to www.janeconsidine.com and creating an account, you agree to have your personal information stored on our third party course provider website.

A statement from our third party provider:
In order to power our customers’ businesses, we collect and use personal information about their users. In general, we collect and use this personal information as directed by the customer, and as further described in our Data Processing Addendum. Legally speaking, we are a “data processor” and a “service provider” as these terms are used in European and California Consumer Privacy Act. We will never use the personal information from our customers’ users to independently market or advertise to individuals unless such individuals are also using our Services directly. We also will not “sell” your customers' information, as that term is defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act.

2. We, Jane Considine Education (part of The Training Space Ltd Group), will never use your data for any other purposes apart from communicating to you with regards to your account on www.janeconsidine.com or in relation to a product you have purchased on www.janeconsidine.com (reasons listed below). You may occasionally receive marketing emails from us and you can unsubscribe from marketing email and update your marketing preferences at any time. Any correspondence you receive from us will come from [email protected] or staff members of The Training Space [staffname]@thetrainingspace.co.uk. If necessary, we may share your email address and name with our finance department, in the case of missing payments or outstanding balance on your account. This is solely for the purpose of financial queries.

Use of Information: We may use the personal information collected through our Product (digital purchases made by yourself [the customer] our website [www.janeconsidine.com]) to:

• Operate and improve our Product;
• Send you advertising or promotional materials;
• Provide and deliver the Product or other services you request, process transactions, and send you related information;
• Send you technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages;
• Respond to your comments, questions, and requests and provide you with requested customer support;
• Monitor and evaluate trends, usage, and activities in connection with our Product;
• Secure our systems, prevent fraud, and help us to protect the security of your account;
• Prevent, detect, and investigate potentially prohibited or illegal activities and to enforce our terms and policies;
• Personalise and improve the Product, and provide content, communications, or features that match users interests; and
• Link or combine with other information we obtain from third parties to help understand your needs and provide you with better service.

3. We will never “sell” your information to a third party company.

4. Your information is stored on our third party course provider server/website and we do not store your data on our own company servers. Our access to the third party course provider is password protected and is accessed only by staff members employed by The Training Space Ltd (Jane Considine Education). You can request to have your account deleted at any time, providing there are no outstanding payments on your account.

5. If a data breech was to occur, we would contact all of our customers to alert them to this and the required steps. 

If you require further information, please email [email protected]

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