The Teacher Squad Podcast - Spring Term 2024 Episode 11

Lost bags, tops fans and Writing for Pleasure! Every voice should be heard!

Join Jane Considine & Heather Wright for an interview with Shropshire Bookfest around their Readers to Writers project, stories of lost bags, and finishing with shooting stars and quiet birds.

This week, Jane is grateful for finding her bag, while Heather is for top fan emails!!! (Yay - keep them coming)

Guests this week are Joanna Hughes from Shropshire Bookfest and Suzanne Horton from the University of Worcester, chatting to Jane and Heather about the Readers to Writers project, its impact, significant findings and take-aways for teachers to implement in the classroom to bring more pleasure to the writing process.

In this week’s Wonder of Words, shares a star-filled song that belongs to her Dad, while Heather shares a beautiful new picture book that reminds us about the quiet voices.

Heartbursts from Jane and Big Love from Heather xxx πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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